Crazy Chicken Lady

I am officially the crazy chicken lady. On Friday I had to go to the local feed store to get spray, and they still had baby chicks. I told the boys that they could look but we weren’t getting any. On the way home we stopped by the shop and they (me having nothing to do with it) begged hubby to have some chicks. After almost 10 years of marriage he agreed!! I was stunned to say the least and we didn’t have enough time to turn around it was lunch time and #3 needed his nap. So we went and picked them up later Friday afternoon, before hubby could change his mind. I have to say they are adorable.

Now we are getting ready to build the hen house. We have a rough idea of what we want and our good friend is going to do all the work for us. The house will be 6 x 8 with nesting boxes and doors on each end. Then a 10 x 20 outside run for them. It would be nice if they could just roam but were we live I wouldn’t have chickens for very long.

I will post pictures of our house when we get started on it but for now here are girls.

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2 Responses to Crazy Chicken Lady

  1. heather says:

    How fun! We hope to get chickens…maybe next spring. I may be calling with questions if/when we get them!

  2. the calm before the stork says:

    Awesome! I heart chickens. Looking forward to pics of the new hen house.

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