Fried Chicken

I love this though I don’t make it to often. It is easy to make and perfect on a hot day since you can cook it outside.

Start by pouring vegetable oil into an electric skillet

Cut up your chicken into 8-9 pieces I cut off the wishbone from the breasts so it gives me one more piece. It also makes all the pieces closer to the same size.

Once it is cut up dry it off with a paper towel and then toss it in some flour until it is just coated.

When everything is coated place in the skillet and season.

It is the way to a man’s heart.

Recipe for Fried Chicken
1 whole chicken cut up into pieces. I leave the skin on.
2 cups flour to coat chicken- I never measure so you might need more.

Once the chicken is cut up, floured and in the pan, add the seasoning
fresh black pepper
2 teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon of season salt

Cook at 375 for 25 minutes then turn. Cook for another 20 until other side is golden brown.

It’s great warm or cold, perfect for a picnic or just for dinner.

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