Chicken Problems

The girls are still in the stock tank in our shop. The house is almost done we just need doors and to put up the outside fence and they can move out of the stock tank and into there permanent home. Which I am really looking forward too. The shop has started to smell of chickens even though the tank gets cleaned out every few days.

So this evening I went out to feed and water, and found that two had gone missing. They had somehow uncovered the netting from over the tank and had jumped out. I really figured one of the cats had gotten them and even if they hadn’t I didn’t figure we would get them back. But after two hours of looking and doing other outside chores we found one. Then about an hour later we herard the other one out in the orchard. After luring her back with one of the other girls they are safe and sound. I am really hoping we get the house done this coming week.

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