New recipes

I have been browsing cookbooks lately to find some new recipes. I love the things that I cook regularly, but we have the same 12-14 things all the time. I am a bit tired of them. The problem is a married a man who is picky. Now I was picky at a point, but now I will pretty much eat anything, him I am still working on it. He does much better than when we were first married, but it is still a struggle sometimes.

He will now eat fish….this is huge, onions, peppers….rarely, pastas…only red sauce, tacos, pizza, panni, soup, calamari, really he is a steak and potato sort of guy. Which I love, but there isn’t much variety there. So I have decided that I will add one new dish a week and when we find something that we like it will get added to the line up. I would like to not have to eat the same things every week, but with the boys there is no way around tacos and pizza every week.

Wednesday will be new food night. I shop on Tuesday’s and Wednesday is house cleaning day, so even if it takes a while I will have plenty of time. On Thursdays I will post what I made and how it was. I will try for pictures, but they take forever to upload so I will do my best.

Tonight’s dish will be Chicken Piccata by Barefoot Contessa at Home.

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One Response to New recipes

  1. Linda says:

    Oh, I like this blog idea – very fun! Looking forward to your segments. I would consider my husband a picky eater as well, though he pretty much loves everything I make, I know the things that he won't tolerate like raw onions, nuts, chinese, etc.

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