The wedding cake

In July 2007 Hubby’s good friend was getting married, and for the wedding gift I offered to make the cake. It ended up really well after a lot of issues. I decorated it two days before the wedding boxed it up and then put it in the freezer just to make sure it would be set up for the long winding trip to the coast. (Hubby was a groomsman so we had to be there the day before.) I talked this over with several bakers that I know and they all said it would be fine and turn out perfect. Well we got there, I unloaded the cake and it was fine. Set it up to defrost the night before and when I got up the next morning to make the touch ups I found that half of the frosting had fallen off the cake in the middle of the night. I ended up redoing the whole thing. I was a wreck to say the least (and 12 weeks pregnant with #3 with horrible morning sickness). Luckily I had extra frosting just in case. I got it done and it was as good as new but still very stressful.

After that I said no more wedding cakes, but this is when a person should never say never. Hubby’s cousin is getting married the first weekend in November and I have been asked to do the cake, and of course I said yes. I rarely say no. This one should be less stressful as it isn’t a destination wedding and the fact that I am not pregnant.

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2 Responses to The wedding cake

  1. Linda says:

    You are so very, very talented!!! I'm amazed at that beautiful cake and I'll bet the second cake is even more wonderful. I am not, and will never be, a baker. Still, I've made some pretty birthday cakes over the years, but never would I attempt something as large as a Wedding Cake. You're great! 🙂

  2. Jen Rouse says:

    I'm amazed that you can do that! Good luck!

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