Where to go from here???

Lately I have been trying to decide where I want to take this thing. At the moment I really can’t remember why I even started it. I don’t have much time to do a cooking thing even once a week can be pushing it sometimes. As for the “mommy blogger” I had thought about going that direction, but I am uncomfortable with showing pictures of my children and really what’s the point if you don’t get to see some faces from time to time.
On top of everything else I don’t think anyone actually reads any of this so really……why am I doing it?? So if it sits idle for a while you now know why. I will either get rid of it or perhaps find some time to make it into something. Either way for anyone who is out there and does read a big THANKS goes out to you.
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3 Responses to Where to go from here???

  1. heather says:

    We all need to take time to re-evaluate things every so often. Look forward to seeing your conclusions. I do enjoy keeping up with you via your blog though!

  2. Linda says:

    Heather, I've been in this frame of thought lots of times over the past couple of years on my blog and so I totally understand where you're coming from.Even still, I don't have a gigantic base of followers or hundreds of comments like some blogs have, but it always comes back to WHY I write. For me, it's a testiment of my life. It's the story of my life. Yes, I do share every personal detail and photos. I don't share the fear of doing so because for one thing, I write in the newspaper once a month about the same types of subjects and so everything is already out there for all to see. I'm a public figure in the area that I live. If someone really wants to be a stalker, or otherwise, I suppose they'll do it, but that could happen regardless of the blog, or newspaper column, and so I don't live in fear of such things. I just live my life and write. So, my blog is about my family, reminiscing about the past, and as I have on there – writing down the stories to preserve them for future generations. My husband is actively saving each and every blog, so that all will be printed out like a book. A book that I will pass on to my daughter and hopefully she will do the same for her children. The legacy of my life will then go on. So, that's why I do what I do. Only you can answer why you started your blog and what direction it might go. I know that I've enjoyed getting to know you here and I enjoy what you write about. Kind regards,Linda 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    By the way, can you please tell your Mom that I can't post comments to her blog? She must have disabled the comments ability. Thanks!

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