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Clean Eating – Vol 2

Today I am going to cover meat, poultry,  fish and shell-fish. In my family we hunt. It is what we do, I grew up doing it. My Dad is an avid hunter/fisherman. He taught me how to as well as my … Continue reading

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Baby D’s Quilt

Last month I gave Sis baby D’s quilt at her shower. I never got around to posting the picture of it.  It was quite easy to make and if you would like I can send you the pattern for it. … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Cake

This is the red velvet cake recipe that I promised you. I ran out of red food coloring so I used my Christmas red no-taste gel in place. It seemed to work fine, though it wasn’t quite as red as … Continue reading

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Upcoming Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted about doing a product review. After some research in the company, I decided why not. So I will be doing a  review on bakeware. While I was doing my research I found one … Continue reading

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Wall-E Cake

While we were at Michael’s last month 2 saw the Wall-E cake pan, and just had to have it for his birthday. Well we made it last week for his party and it was adorable. It is really so easy to do a … Continue reading

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Clean Eating – vol 1

Last year while I was on the site I use to track my calories for weight loss, several people were posting about clean eating. I didn’t think too much about it honestly, I figured it was just another fad, and … Continue reading

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Updated Contact Information

I have changed my contact e-mail for the moment. I can’t send or recieve anything with the old one. For anyone who has tried to contact me. I am sorry, I never recieved the e-mail. Please try again at this … Continue reading

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