My Kitchen

For any of those who are thinking that in order to cook and bake you need a large kitchen, you don’t. This is my kitchen, I know it is bigger than some and smaller than most. If I had three arms I could touch the cooktop, sink and refrigerator all at the same time. I am lacking on counter space, as well as storage.

My point is….that even if you have a small kitchen you can still do wonderful things in it. Sometimes you have to get creative with your work space (think cookie cutter cookies). The one benefit to having such a small space is that you can’t make a mess and go to the next station, you only have one station so you have to clean up before your next move, though that is also a drawback.

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2 Responses to My Kitchen

  1. Mom says:

    You’ll have a bigger kitchen soon, then just think of all the things you can do!

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