Recipe Storage

How do you store your recipes?? Do you use a binder, recipe box, folder? Do you stick them in a cookbook or are they scattered to the corners of the earth?

I am getting ahead of myself here, see I have a recipe problem….I love them, I collect them. Not just any recipe they have to fit in some qualifications first.

1. They have to be something that I am interested in.

2. Two they have to be something that I think I might make at some point.

3. They have to be good, or at least sound good.

I have a recipe box that sits on top of my refrigerator, it has all my old family recipes in it along with ones that I have printed off. Well it was crammed full, so I got out an extra peecee folder and started filling it. Well it just wasn’t working. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I bit the bullet and bought a 2″ binder and filled it with protective sleeves. I then organized my recipes by type and started filling it. I have now had the binder for about two weeks and it is about half full already. ( I am using both sides of protectors) between the recipes I had stored on my computer to the ones that I had stuck here and there, to the ones I have torn out of magazines it is amazing what a person can collect. It is so nice too that I can print out something slide it in there and not have to worry about re-writing it to a recipe card. It is also easy to dispose of the ones that you thought sounded good, but really why did I print that out. I already know that I made a mistake in only getting a 2″ binder, but when I get this one filled I will get a bigger one and then fill that. It really wasn’t to expensive to do this I bought it all from staples and they shipped it to my house the next day (benefit of not having to take the boys with me).

I have already got to use it several times, and it was a great investment, one of the benefits is that the sleeves protect your recipe so if you get something on it they just clean and your recipe is still in one piece.  The recipe box still sits on top of my refrigerator and nothing will ever replace it, it has recipes that were hand written by my great-grandmother, but I will end up typing them out and putting them in the binder eventually, mostly to preserve the old cards. 

So if you have issues as I do then look into a recipe binder. It is quick, easy and you will be more organized too.

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2 Responses to Recipe Storage

  1. Jen says:

    I do the binder thing too, but my problem is that I ran out of sleeves and never remember to buy more, so now I have printed-out and torn-out recipes just stuffed loosely into a pocket at the front. It’s a mess. But I think that’s more a function of my own disorganized personality than a flaw in the system itself.

  2. Linda says:

    Great idea!

    My recipes are all stored in two recipe boxes, up in the cupboard, because I don’t like anything on my counters. I’m very organized, at least visually so. 🙂

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