Birthday Week

Once again we are coming up on what I affectionately call birthday hell week.* We have three birthdays in the span of 7 days. This year I am lucky enough that they start on sunday and go to saturday. That means a lot of cake, and well a lot of cake.  Throw Valentines day on top of all of it and you might as well just start your diet plans for March. Who said your New Year resolutions should start January 1st. I think we should switch it out for March 1st instead. Or at least that is what I am planning on doing. 

So expect next week to be all about cake, and have a great weekend. I am off to decorate cakes for the party tomorrow.

*Note: I should say for those who think I am evil, that I love my boys and my hubby, but three birthdays in one week is a lot of work for me. Cake, special dinners, birthday parties, it is just a lot to do.

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One Response to Birthday Week

  1. Linda says:

    lol, lucky for me, I don’t like cake or sweets! 🙂

    After my last cake-baking experiences for others, I vowed from now on, I will buy ready made cakes. Far easier and still delicious. I bought a fantastic chocolate one from our local Walmart of all places for my sister’s Birthday last month and while I really detest cake – it was so creamy and moist – everyone raved about it.

    Hope you have a wonderful week despite all of the work. I’m sure the birthday celebrations will be spectacular!


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