Cake balls for Valentine’s Day

I have been making cake balls for almost a year. They have become my signature thing. When people ask me to bring something they always ask for those cake filled evil things. I love making them and all the credit goes to Bakerella. She is the one who taught me how, so I guess I should blame her for those extra pounds, but I won’t she didn’t make me do it.

I made them again a couple days ago for teachers and for friends for Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t make it with Red Velvet cake before and surprisingly enough they might be better than the chocolate ones that I normally make. They were lighter and just not as dense. Either way you make them they are good, sinfully so.

This is how I make them and you can follow Bakerella’s instructions here. Have fun!!

Bake and let cool

crumble cake, add in frosting, then mix well

make into balls

They should be smooth when you are done rolling them

Prepared for dipping

candy melts with shortening

candy melts-melted

Toss then in, coat with chocolate, then set on wax paper to set.

I put sprinkles on these-aren’t they cute

These ones I drizzled white chocolate on top, yummy, and so evil

Cake balls
Adapted from the Queen Bakerella

1 cake mix Devils food or Red Velvet
ingredients for cake
1 tub frosting Chocolate, Vanilla or Cream cheese
3 bags Wilton candy melts two of one color then an alternating color
5 tablespoons Shortening
Wax paper-lots of it

Bake cake per directions on box, let cool. When it is cool crumble into a large bowl and dump in tub of frosting. Mix until well combined. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Using a small cookie scoop; scoop out mixture onto wax paper lined cookie sheet. When all the mixture is scooped out wet hands with water then roll balls until smooth. If it starts to stick to your hands wet them again. Do this until all the balls are smooth. Put into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or the freezer for 10 minutes.

Decide where you are going to dip your balls at, I use the dining room table it has the most room. Line with wax paper. Using a bowl that is deeper rather than shallow melt candy melts one bag at a time. I put 2 tablespoons of shortening on the candy melts before melting them. This thins them out and it is easier to dip the balls this way. Dip balls one at a time tapping off excess chocolate (I bought a tool so I don’t have to do that anymore). Put on wax paper. When they are dry you can drizzle a contrasting color of chocolate on top or while they are still wet you can put on sprinkles. Once they are set using a small knife trim off excess chocolate that has pooled around base.

This makes about 100 of the suckers, so when you get ready to make them make sure you have a home in mind for them. Also these are smaller than the ones that Bakerella uses for her cake pops, so if you want to make those you will need to make them bigger. I have issues with the bigger ones though they just never seem to turn out as well as these little ones.

These can be frozen and they are great.


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2 Responses to Cake balls for Valentine’s Day

  1. Michael says:

    how delicious! and cute (^-^)
    check out my baking blog and tell me what you think:


  2. heather says:

    Yum! And they look beautiful.

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