Clean Eating Vol 4 – an overview

So just to recap everything that we have gone over for the last three weeks. Clean eating is eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  Eating foods without additives, and staying away from processed foods. This is really simple to do in itself, it is when you get into the political part of it that it becomes tricky. I am not saying this is how everyone should eat. I bought velveeta this week for mac and cheese. Just saying.

I will say though that if you are looking to change your lifestyle, looking to lose weight and to be healthier this is a good place to start. When I changed my diet and started following the as close to natural state  as possible I finally started seeing results with my weight loss goals. I ended up losing 36 pounds, when I did this I also changed most of the boys diets, though Hubby was reluctant. After deciding that he needed to lose a few pounds to though he changed to my diet. In the last week he dropped 5+ pounds. So there is something to be said for eating close to a foods natural state.

Do the best you can with what you have. Good luck!

For being so good and listening to me ramble about this for the last three weeks…I am sorry, but I do have some good things in store for you. Tomorrow I have a special quick homemade treat for you, it is something you can throw together in a snap and everyone will love it. Then next week my review (so exciting), and a give away too.

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One Response to Clean Eating Vol 4 – an overview

  1. Jen says:

    So…foods without additives. How do you manage to avoid them? Even whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta (if you buy store bought vs. making your own) has preservatives in it. Do you just not eat them? Or concentrate on certain foods vs others?

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