Eggs and an update…….

While I am still unboxing and getting re- aquainted with my old new house I thought I would show you what my girls have been up to. I am so glad Hubby finally agreed to let me have chickens (I only battered him about it for 8 years….or so) The eggs we get from the girls are so much better than anything you will ever find in the store. We haven’t been able to move them yet, the ground is too wet to move the house, so it will wait until summer. Until then though Dad has been doing a fabulous job with the girls. It will be nice though when they are here with us.

This weekend we are moving the remainder of stuff that we have at the other house (I miss my shoes). Then we will be all moved over. Most everything is put away, we have quite a bit of stuff that we will garage sale this summer (thinking June) then some other stuff that goes to the attic. I still have to find a place for all my chocolate making stuff……

Nothing is on the walls yet, I am hoping to tackle that project in the next week or so. I thought it would take a while before the house felt like mine and not my parents, but is didn’t. It already feels like home to me… must be because I love this place oh so much. It is truly a dream come true for us, and we feel so very blessed.

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One Response to Eggs and an update…….

  1. Linda says:

    I think it would be neat to have Chickens – my Mom of course grew up with them on the farm. But we don’t eat or use eggs very often.

    I’m glad you’re getting settled in and that it’s feeling like your home.

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