My Bread Cookbook

I was on a spree for a while, okay to be honest it lasted for about a year, that whenever I saw a cookbook that looked remotely interesting I just had to buy it, well that stopped last month, and only because I haven’t found anything interesting lately. I think I have bought most of what is out there though I do still have a wish list on Amazon for anyone who is interested.

This is one of those numerous purchases. It is a fabulous cookbook, and so easy to follow. You don’t need to buy anything special, and it makes excellent bread.  

Don’t you just love all my page markers……

I had this for about 6 months before I tried it. When I bought it I though yeah this will be great, then I got it home, put it in the library and forgot about it.  While unboxing during the move I found it again and it was such a sweet surprise.  The recipes are simple and straight forward, you can use them exactly as the book says or add your own spin to them and they are still wonderful. I can’t think of a way to really mess up one of these recipes. 

For those of who may be afraid of yeast this is a good place to start. I can honestly say I don’t understand the fear of yeast, but it was the first bread that my Mom had me make so that might be part of my comfort level. For those who are leery don’t be, it does magical wonderful things.

Just so you know I wasn’t asked to write a review on this or compensated in any way. I just love this book and thought you might too.

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