My Library

As you have probably noticed I have started to share some of my favorite cookbooks with you. I have quite the library and it is ever-growing. I am up to 56 now, and yes that is a lot of cookbooks, but I will keep going and collecting.

Some are old, many are new. I have two from my great-grandma, I have used them a couple of times, but really I have left them mainly untouched other than to look through and then put all the clippings back where she had them. I received a few as gift, I wouldn’t recommend giving a cookbook to just anyone as a gift, as it could be taken the wrong way, but for me it is good. I did receive a handful when I got married, but other than that I have bought the majority of them. Some on recommendation and others because they had a recipe to tasty to ignore.

This of course doesn’t count my two recipe binders either. I have started a new one so that I will have one that has the recipes I have tried and I am keeping and then another for the ones I have yet to, but want to.

What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you have a collection?

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