Hubby is a real fan of it. Whenever we go out and splurge on dessert this is his choice. I have made three of them now. The first one was horrible I am sure everyone has had one of those (lumps of cream cheese and just not setting up properly), after that I decided cheesecake wasn’t for me and focused on other things. Well for christmas this last year I wanted to make a turtle cheesecake it turned out great. Since then I’ve been busy, but it has been in the back of my mind to make another one. So the other night on our way home from the coast we had to stop to get milk, as always, and I thought what the heck and grabbed some cream cheese. I knew I had all the other ingredients I would need, so at least that part was simple. The hard part would be picking a recipe to use.

I chose one out of my Williams and Sonoma Baking cookbook. It was different from most recipes I read since it didn’t require a water bath. I was a bit wary at first, but after an hour in the oven it looked perfect. Then it had to sit for another hour with the oven turned off, door closed, (to prevent cracking) then cooled on the counter before putting in the fridge to chill. Seems like a long time to wait but really it was all worth it. It had a light, silky texture and just melt in your mouth consistency. If you have the opportunity you really should make this cheesecake.

As you can tell if it is good then it doesn’t last very long at my house. I will say that it has a bit of that tart cream cheese to it, so if you are like my Hubby and like things a bit on the sweeter side then top it with a bit of homemade strawberry jam, or chocolate sauce, or berries, or caramel, or anything else that your heart may desire.

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