The Farm does have drawbacks

I promised to share pictures of the shower and they are coming, but first I need to clean out my lazy susan.  I discovered we have a mouse this morning and yes YUCK, but that is part of living on a farm, in the country, all of that. So you clean and disinfect and everything is good. Luckily I store everything in Tupperware so it is all safe. Now to trap the bugger and get him out. Hopefully he won’t invite any friends. You would think the cats would do something, but no they are to busy napping in my lounge chair I have yet to use this year.

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One Response to The Farm does have drawbacks

  1. Linda says:

    We live in town yet we had a mouse a couple of winters ago, even with a house cat who could care less, lol. There are fields all around us, so it goes with the territory. Hope you get yours quickly. It only took us a day to rid of him. 🙂

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