I’m a football mom now

Yesterday was not only the first day of 3rd grade for #1 it was also his first ever night of football practice, and the verdict. He loves it. He asked me as we were all soaking wet from the rain on our way home to have a quick dinner if he could play next year. I told him me may be getting a bit ahead of himself and we would talk about it after this season ends.

Now I am wondering if I have done him an injustice by not signing him up before. I was always so worried that he would get hurt and then not want to play. I have been more worried about me and my feelings, trying to say that I was just protecting him, than I was thinking of him. He doesn’t care that he got knocked down. He is playing flag and already asked when he would get to wear pads and to tackle. He’s 8 and I’m sure I haven’t done too much damage by waiting a year.

On we go on this new adventure, I wonder what will wait for us next.

PS I love football

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