Because this is important

This is irony for you. I have been dying to bake for the last week + so I caved and went to Mom’s house, commandeered her oven for 2 1/2 hours making strawberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies (boys requested those two things), then as I am just finished cleaning everything up ready to come home, make lunch, and put #3 down for a nap, the repair man calls. He has my parts and can come right out and install. Great, fabulous, fantastic, I have been waiting forever for this, now my oven works. The issue, I just made two dozen muffins thinking I wouldn’t be able to bake for another week and three dozen cookies to get us through till I can borrow the oven again. (which I can anytime, but it is more fun when Mom is there to chat with) So now my dilemma, I have been dying to bake, so I did, but now I want to test out the oven, but what to make???? Darn it. I am thinking homemade pizza may be in order tonight…… We might need cupcakes too.

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