A few peeks at my week.

1. Decided to clean the oven yesterday, sprayed it, decided I would clean it when I got home from getting the boys from school….forgot, turned on the oven for dinner and then had to clean out a hot oven with baked on cleaner. Not fun, and smelly too.

2. Antibiotics, no matter how many times you brush your teeth they will still feel like they are growing moss.

3. When sneaking a cookie, remember that black frosting is very noticeable….

4. Deciding to wait until three days to put together Halloween costumes, not a good idea.

5. Carving pumpkins with three boys and no help, yeah fun times.

6. Made Hubby get a flu shot this year, I also made him stick around and help me with the boys’ flu shots.  I say it is going to be difficult to hold one crying child while holding down another one. I say there will be tears and possible screaming. They always make me out to be a liar. Nope, nodda, zip, nothing, none of that happened. No tears. Not even a squeak. Next time when I am alone I am taping it.

7. We are already making our plans for the holidays. I feel bad asking people christmas questions when Halloween isn’t here yet, but I looked at my calendar on Tuesday and at this point we might have one Sunday available….so yeah if you want to see us you better get on it now.

As you can tell my week as been well, a week. Luckily I always have next week and something new that will occur. Next week at least I will be on a nice sugar high to help me through it. Didn’t you know that is why kids get to go trick or treating, so Mom can eat the spoils.

Happy Halloween!!!

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