** This is not a sponsored post. I just love them this much.**

Last year I posted about Blurb. For those who don’t know and why don’t you they are a site that publishes books made by you. I started using them in 2008 and fell in love with them shortly after that. A bit of warning though if you a scrapbooker it will take time to love them, they are a totally different median than what you are used to.

First off a bit of history on me: I was a scrapbooker WAS being the key word. I don’t have time anymore, it’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it is that between the shop, boys, school, yard, house and what little time I have for friends I just don’t have time. My photos were piling up and I found myself not taking as many photos that way I would have less to catch up on when I finally did have time to scrapbook again. Now that is just not a great idea. Well I started doing some research and there are many places online that you can do photo books, well I chose blurb because they fit my needs the best. While I was a scrapbooker my pages were always very simple and to the point. Perhaps a picture or two matted on the page, then some writing then off to the next one. For being the girly girl that I am; I am pretty no frills and fuss about some stuff. That being said they do have formats that have more to them, I always choose the “darkroom” which is black pages with white writing. My photos really stand out on the pages and I love the clean look.

I finally finished/published our 2009 family album in October and since then I have finished/published the 2010 album that I give to family. I also just finished/published the album from our trip to Washington DC in 2009. Sometimes I get backed up, but really a couple of rainy days and I am caught up again. Now these aren’t the cheapest books, the family albums that I make for us are about $60 each and the ones I give to family are really reasonable at $15 each. I figure that is a really good deal considering if you figure out how much it costs for printing pictures, the album, paper, stickers and special pens, plus all the other gadgets and such that you think you should have (I have them all) it would be close to $200 per album, and yes there is something so special about putting together an album, but I put these together too.

With all this I am not saying that I won’t scrapbook again. I will, but that will come when my life isn’t quite so busy, and I can take the time to enjoy it, instead of feeling rushed that it just has to get done.

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2 Responses to Blurb

  1. I have done photobooks for the past several years. It is SO much quicker and easier than doing the fancy scrapbooks, that I love the look of but never find the time for myself. Even doing the photobooks takes time to choose and layout all the pictures–I am only up to about 2008 or 2009 on our pictures I think!

  2. heather says:

    This is the direction I need to go in. I am so far behind on scrapbooks it is ridiculous.

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