8 quick updates in random order

1. Thanksgiving….It was great.  We ended up with 16 people including the little ones. The food was fabulous, and by the time everyone took a bit home we didn’t have piles of leftovers other than desserts. I went a bit overboard. It happens. Not sure what I did with the turkey, but everyone loved it, and it was so juicy, so I was elected without a nomination to do the turkey from now on.

2. Next weekend we have family pictures at our house. We are doing a picture with Hubby’s brother, and parents. I am just hoping no one is sick and that everyone smiles.

3. I didn’t go out on black friday, in fact I went out last Monday and then I didn’t start my suburban again until Saturday. The boys had a snow day on Tuesday and we didn’t need to go anywhere. Dad took the boys to school on Wednesday (Dad takes them almost every day anyway, I am spoiled), and Mom picked them up so I could work on Thanksgiving prep. Then friday I stayed home and decorated the house for Christmas. We won’t get our tree for another week+, but I was ready for the music, and festivities.

4. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, it makes me a bit sad to say that. I am glad I just have a “santa” gift for #1 and 2, then stocking stuffers for all three. I know things are always crazy so I try to get it all done prior, but there is just something about shopping in December that is so fun.

5. I am still running, though instead of going out on the road we bought a treadmill. After almost being sideswiped I had enough, and this is on a two lane back road. The lady wasn’t paying attention, and it wasn’t the first time I had a close call. I do run on the edge of the road we have only a gravel shoulder. We also have very little traffic when I run so they could move over into the other lane a bit.

6. Speaking of exercise I am still trying to lose some weight. I gained a few back over the months and while I only have 2-4 pounds to lose it feels like a lot sometimes. My biggest fear is that I will start gaining and not be able to stop it. With my health issues it could happen and that is what scares me the most.

7. Mom is getting two kittens next week. She went and picked them out just before Thanksgiving from one of our farm neighbors. (they live 6 miles away) She is getting two because she wants one and if she doesn’t get Dad one he will steal hers. I get to pick them up for her, and while I would LOVE to have a kitten and really want one, now is just not the time. I have to many other things going on. Instead I will wait when #3 goes to school I will get one then. 

8. I am hosting a Cookie decorating party next week. I am really looking forward to it. Several of my girlfriends along with my Mom and Mother-in-law will be coming over to chat and decorate cookies and gingerbread men. I don’t have a ton of things planned for this year since it is the first year, but I figure I can build on what works and go from there.

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